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Albion Online Released Beta Statistics For Galahad

Sandbox Interactive offers an interesting overview of statistics around Albion Online since the Galahad update has been released for four weeks.

The figures for Albion online have fallen and have just been published. What can be said is that they are extremely updated according to the data collected since the Galahad update, the most complete MMORPG sandbox.

This is why the team thinks that the data obtained between March 13 and April 9, 2017 are interesting and impressive for both developers and players.

We now know that there are currently 212,815 founders from 164 different countries who have played 2.8 million hours, harvested nearly 512 million resources, erected 178,477 buildings and grown 13.1 million carrots!

For the more tragic side: 124,179 characters died in PvP mode while 850,811 innocent rabbits were killed.

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